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Direct Energy Givings (DEG) is forged to respond to the issues of energy poverty and its associated energy usage constraints through fostering affordable renewable energy, and optimizing the effectiveness of home usage. Its twofold mission are to create/increase energy access and home appliances operational effectiveness through clean energy support and affordable home appliances repair services respectively.  Though DEG repair services serve everyone, its fundamental goal targets low income  appliance owners who can not afford the monthly cost of home warranties, neither bear the long waiting time from overstretched big repair companies.

 Establish in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA as a nonprofit, its equitable clean energy access program targets working with countries in Sub Saharan Africa on climate  change mitigation projects. The projects will aim at strategies that will reduce their carbon emissions, and increase renewable power generation footprints to comply with their  committed Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs) as per the Paris Agreement.

DEG is also focused on the engagement of women in clean energy access creation and awareness as custodian of household energy usage. This accounts for clean cooking, clean lighting, and productive use and entertainment.

To motivate public-private partnerships and governments’ energy transition from high reliance on distributed fossil fuels generation to clean solar PV generation and energy storage, DEG is developing a partnership model. The  model will address the challenges of irregular electricity access in government/public facilities that deliver productive services in Governance (local governments offices), Health (public healthcare centers, and Education (ie local education offices, community colleges). The model is called Governance Health Education Energy Access (GHEEA). Details found In projects section.

To foster household  energy storage application in off-grid community, DEG is seeking funding to pilot test  an innovative concept developed as Distributed Renewable Energy Storage System (DRESS). DRESS is a renewable energy generation and storage business model aimed at creating affordable and “as needed” electricity access for off-grid consumers. 

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