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Direct Energy Givings (DEG) is forged to respond to the issues of energy poverty and its associated energy usage constraints through fostering affordable renewable energy, and optimizing the effectiveness of home usage. Its twofold mission are to create/increase energy access and home appliances operational effectiveness through clean energy support and affordable home appliances repair services respectively.  Though DEG repair services serve everyone, its fundamental goal targets low income  appliance owners who can not afford the monthly cost of home warranties, neither bear the long waiting time from overstretched big repair companies.
 Establish in Charlotte, North Carolina as a nonprofit, its repair services will cover Charlotte and its adjacent cities, while its clean energy access program will target working with countries in Sub Saharan Africa in reduction strategies of their carbon emission and renewable power generation footprints through their UNFCCC committed Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs).

Jimmy N. Nyanwapolu, MBA/Energy-Founder

Repairs your laundry and cook appliances timely…..

Renewable energy access support 

Joining  the global crusade for climate change  with mitigation and adaptation interventions to keep global warming at 1.5C, DEG was established with twofold mission. Its mission of creating/increasing renewable energy access especially in Subsaharan Africa will be enhanced through renewable energy partnership and interventions,  aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emission from fossil fuel energy  sources, while increasing their renewable power generation footprints as per countries’ respective committed UN NDCs.

Reliable and same day solutions for cook, dish and laundry appliances

Fast assessments and repair of your appliances, and allowable same day repairs with available local parts sourcing. We assess and repair your:
1.Cooktop/Ranges (gas & electric) 2.Clothes washer & dryer 3. Microwave 4.Dishwasher Just call and leave the rest with us.


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